From an early age I have noticed beauty.  I have been struck by color.  Particularly the beauty and color of nature.  I have been deeply moved and inspired by this beauty so I have endeavored to capture these inspirational moments if only so that I may remember them.

Inspiration and realization come from recognizing the beauty in all things – in life, in nature,  in art, in music, in poetry, in relationships – yet the deepest felt inspirations and most crystal clear realizations are brief and can dissipate with time if we allow them to. ~ more »

Band Photography

I have worked with rock bands from great to small to singer-songwriter musicians taking personal and group photos as well as scripted and impromptu video. See More»

Look Tasty

A local restaurant I frequented offerred incredibly good fair, the best veggie Mexican food available anywhere. But their photos were green. Check it out»

Lyrical Musings

I write poetry to communicate and to be truly known by others. I seek expansion of my own truth and the opportunity to connect with others traversing a similar path. Read More»
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