Blown Up Big


In Life
you need
to get your
mindset right
to make sure
before you fight
or take flight
that your anger
is justified

To do so
you must realize
as one wise
there’s greater context
of being and seeing
everything infused
with the same weight
of meaning

The broader state
of mind is to take
it all into account
before judging
shaming or throwing
all the good
that can amount
to a reconciled accounting
ensuring you don’t frown
stamp around
announce “your out!”

all that is
in the life you live
isn’t worthy of being
blown up big
everything’s small
in the grand scheme
after all

So you decide
in a moment
choosing how you

Do you attack?
or just sit back?
when you know
you act
with compassion
for yourself and
everyone else

Its tantamount
to your health
to avoiding hell
and keeps your
relationships well

It starts with
it doesn’t take
a lot
and before long
you’ll know
everything is big
or little
as you so make it
all you need
is the right

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