I see a world of color and beauty … 

From an early age I have noticed beauty.  I have been struck by color.  Particularly the beauty and color of nature.  I have been deeply moved and inspired by this beauty so I have endeavored to capture these inspirational moments if only so that I may remember them.

Inspiration and realization come from recognizing the beauty in all things – in life, in nature,  in art, in music, in poetry, in relationships – yet the deepest felt inspirations and most crystal clear realizations are brief and can dissipate with time if we allow them to.

So how do I keep a magical moment in my consciousness? I capture it “on film”.

As a technology junkie I have endeavored, too, to use the astounding gadgetry at my disposal to create a digital memory for me to remember and to share with you.

I have found beauty and inspiration in flowers and trees, animals and people, sunrises and sunsets and more.  The color, the character, the warmth and the play of light captures my imagination and transports me to another dimension.  There, I’m allowed an opportunity to explore the very essence and purity – the “isness” – of what I’m seeing and to feel and experience that which is ultimately symbolized and inferred: Love.

Thank you for visiting.

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