Find That Switch

2014-10-12 18.42.52

Find that switch
that starts the itch
life is slipping through your grip
this crazy fucking trip
is getting ready to R.I.P.
review life’s clips
to learn from the tips
that fall from the lips
like wisdom that drips
as a ball is pitched
learn to make life rich
in love not in the pits
swim downstream like fish
to live in perfect bliss
don’t fail or miss
opportunities that criss-
cross your path, don’t diss
learn to laugh, cherish
every experience high impact
make a self-pact
for what’s lacked
in a shallow moment’s path
live deep your epitaph
reads, “He loved, he laughed
He carried not wrath
but compassionately he craft … ed
a good life, present and past.”

Don’t wait till its passed
get up off your ass
give that couch its last blast
of passing gas
stop denial in its tracks
and attack! attack!  attack!
or better yet

attract!  attract!  attract!

nothing ever lasts
live life to the very last
this is your task
its very little for God to ask
you to bask
in this bastion
put heaven
in your heart’s oven
become very loving
and you’ll really start
by becoming a giving man
not measured by hands
but for your life stands
don’t let it end
without making amends


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